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You undoubtedly recall homemade goodies. You also recall seeing your grandmothers putting on colourful aprons before going into the kitchen to make you something sweet. You also recall the delicious aromas that emanated from that same kitchen, which served as a reliable sign that the sweet was prepared and ready for you. But those scents from your youth don’t have to be just another lovely memory that makes you long for the past.

Discover where you can taste them right now by reading about how these homemade treats are made, along with some fascinating facts about them!


Baklava is a favourite sweet from this region. It arrived in the Balkans as a result of the Turkish invasion, and its current incarnation probably started at Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace.

Baklava-making calls for specialized knowledge and methods. It is created with a filling consisting of ground walnuts, hazelnuts, or other stone fruits, and thin phyllo dough (you may buy them, but homemade ones are ideal).

After baking, sorbet syrup, which consists of water, sugar, and honey, is poured over the baklava. More syrup can be added before serving the cold baklava.


(walnut-stuffed apples poached in sugar water)

The Turks also brought us tufahija after acquiring it from the Persians. Tufahija are made from apples, which are peeled, pitted, and then boiled in sugar water. Boiled apples are filled with a mixture composed of butter, sweet cream, sugar, and ground walnuts.

Served chilled and with whipped cream on top.


(kalburabasma, a type of syrup-drenched pastry)

Butter, eggs, and white flour are used to make urmašice. They are pounded on a grater to produce their distinctive patterns before baking. The urmašica should be topped with a syrup composed of water, sugar, and lemon juice after baking. You can serve them once they have cooled and are thoroughly covered in syrup.



Did you know there is a unique version of sutlijash in practically every nation in the world? The basis, which is created from boiling rice that is subsequently cooked in milk and sugar, is the same worldwide. To fully appreciate the sutlijaš, cinnamon is sprinkled on it once it has cooled.


(fried batter soaked in syrup)

Tulumbe are fried dough treats that, like urmašice and baklava, are soaked in sugar syrup. This specialty comes from the Ottoman Empire as well. They should have a crispy crust and a soft interior to achieve this. A mould or a baking injector is used to create their distinctive appearance.


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