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Hearing both! At Kaluđerica, Walter has arrived. Yep, you heard correctly.

The smell of our ćevapi has now permeated this area of the city. Both you and we could not wait, we hope.

Our illustrious Walter’s ćevapi arrived with a crowd of admirers. The pungent uštipci on kaymak stand immediately behind pljeskavica, which is on the front line of defence. Afterward, sharpened colourful skewers with pieces of chicken and veal stand ready. Steak and rump steak follow them. Delicacies come in various shapes and sizes, but you’ll have to visit us to see for yourself.

They also brought with them side dishes to keep them company. As part of the standard line-up, potatoes come first, followed by kaymak, although urnebes (a spread comprised of white cheese, kaymak, and spicy chili peppers with salt and other spices) is also included. The salads followed suit since they couldn’t leave them behind. Seasonal additions include roasted peppers, ayvar, pickles, and sauerkraut. Other salads include Shopska, Serbian, tomato, cucumber, with or without cheese, cabbage, and celery salads.

Remember that our ćevapi are made with 100% beef and are prepared using a special recipe. We put quality first, so we believe you’ve found the right place!

You should reward yourself with something sweet after a good fight

That’s why there are our tufahia, baklava, urmašica, tulumba. If you are more of a fan of sutlijash, pancakes with cream or even tres leches, you can do that too! Make your life sweeter by indulging yourself to some delicious treats.

We are waiting for you!

Welcome to Walter’s