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In Karaburma, at No. 84 Višnjička Street, on the second floor of the BIG Fashion SHOPPING CENTRE, there is yet another Walter restaurant. We are a part of BIG’s food court and a fantastic spot to unwind after a strenuous shopping expedition.

Walter is waiting for you, whether you’re coming with your best friend for a chat, lunch and coffee, a family lunch, or perhaps you just saw a film at the theatre with your buddies.

Now, when someone mentions Walter, everyone immediately thinks of ćevapi!  We are pleased that our ćevapi made it onto your tables, that you acknowledged their superior quality, and that you continue to get back to us over and over again.

We worked hard to refine the traditional ćevapi recipe that is being used in all of our restaurants today. You are also served a half-flatbread and a small amount of onion for even better flavour in addition to the ćevapi!

Also, don't forget to get ćevapi with fries if you prefer it as a side dish.

In addition to Walter’s ćevapi, there are also other delectables on our menu. Traditional patties (pljeskavica), sudžuk, various cuts of meat, colourful skewers, brizle, steak, rump steak… only you can decide what you will like!

At the very end, there are our Walter sweets, prepared in the traditional Balkan manner. Choose your favourite dessert among urmašice, tufahije, baklave, sutlijaš, and tulumbe.

We are waiting for you at BIG Fashion!