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Where to go for lunch? One of those perpetual questions, to which few of us are always prepared with a response. Unless, of course, you are one of those conscientious individuals who pack their lunches ahead of time and have a week’s worth of groceries arranged. Most of us definitely fall into the first category. And we are completely incapable of choosing what to eat.

Yet you guessed it—ćevapi is something that most of us enjoy and rarely refuse. Hence, We don’t think it is a surprise that we chose to dedicate ourselves to this cuisine and create the Walter brand. We can now state that we have achieved our goals of providing many people with an answer to the query “where to go for lunch” by having 29 establishments already open.

Where to try walter čevape in Belgrade?

If you want to have a nice family lunch or lunch with friends, visit Walter restaurants at the following locations:

  • No. 42 Birčaninova Street, Savski Venac
  • No. 57 Strahinjića Bana Street, Dorćol
  • No. 85 Makenzijeva Street, Vračar
  • No. 35 Darinke Radović Street, Železnik
  • No. 12 Patrijarha Dimitrija Street, Rakovica
  • No. 31 27th March Street, Palilula
  • No. 18 Magistratski trg, Zemun
  • No. 4 Bulevar Mihajla Pupina, TC Ušće, New Belgrade
  • No. 84 Višnjička Street, TC BIG, Karaburma
  • No. 141 Vojislava Ilića Street, BEO SHOPPING CENTRE, Zvezdara
  • No. 1 Batajnički put Street, BN BOS, Zemun
  • No. 2g Bratstva i jedinstva Street, STOP SHOP, Borča
  • No. 35 Braće Jovanovića Street, Pančevo

Walter ćevapi in Novi Sad

Residents of Novi Sad, and everyone who happens to be in Novi Sad, can grab a bite to eat at Walter’s in two locations: In the BIG SHOPPING CENTRE (Sentandrejski put 11), as well as in the Promenade (Bulevar oslobođenja 119). After the shopping tour, we are waiting for you with our proven meat specialties.

Walter ćevapi in Zrenjanin

Our Walter restaurant is located in Zrenjanin at No. 5 Pupinova Street. So if you don’t know where to have lunch, stop by Walter!