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The excellent standards of the food and service quality are to be credited for the successful performance of our restaurants. The person in this role will be accountable for Greeting guests, serving them, and seeing off satisfied customers. They should also be versed in the menu at our restaurants and enjoy working in a team. We encourage you to apply if you value interacting with people, are well-organized, and enjoy maintaining order.


Each team member is equally crucial to the success of the company, which is a satisfied customer. We will instruct you following our standards for how to organize, plan, and communicate work. You’ll be a part of a team, the job will be dynamic, and you’ll pick up a lot of new skills.


Our top priority is making sure all of our guests are satisfied, and the grill master is the one who provides the greatest contribution to this. We only utilize the best equipment and ingredients for our delicacies, and the quality of the dish ultimately rests on the chef’s skill. In collaboration with industry experts, Walter created the grill master education program to entice job seekers with no prior experience to apply and launch their careers with us.


A team needs to be managed by someone who is first and foremost a leader before they can be effective managers. This person is in charge of maintaining a positive environment at the restaurant for both customers and staff. It promotes the advancement and fosters a sense of equality among all employees. It depicts the restaurant’s host, who serves as a representative of the establishment and plays an immensely important role. A restaurant manager’s work is rather complicated and involves many different tasks and duties. This job is for you if you possess the traits of a leader, are organised and responsible, enjoy working in the hospitality sector and understand its dynamics.


Online orders are frequently made by admirers of Walter’s ćevapi and other delicacies on offer. Our concern for their experience is equal to that of our people in the restaurant. We cordially encourage you to apply and join the Walter team if you are a dynamic individual who enjoys mobility and fieldwork.


    If none of the positions listed in the current job openings are suitable for you, you can email your work resume to us at: POSAO@WALTER.RS

    If there is a requirement for your working profile, we will get in touch with you.